Sports Injury

If you have suffered a Sports-related injury the THT Sports Injury Clinic can help you.The treatment is effective for sprains, strains and muscle injuries regardless of the cause.The THT Chiropractic treatment is not the same as physiotherapy, which is why many high-level cricket and football teams now have Chiropractors, Sports Therapist as part of their support team working alongside physiotherapists and sports medicine doctors. We have a different approach to make sure you recover fully from your injury.

Sports Clubs
The clinic is keen to develop links with local clubs to offer specialist sports medicine and sport science advice and treatment. We specialise in performance enhancement, applying principles used with elite sportspeople to the amateur athlete.

    Cricket injuries are either acute injuries which occur suddenly such as a torn muscle, or an impact from the ball. Or they can be chronic injuries which occur gradually through overuse.
    Injuries occur during football games and practice due to the combination of high speeds and full contact. While overuse injuries can occur, traumatic injuries such as concussions are most common. The force applied to either bringing an opponent to the ground or resisting being brought to the ground makes football players prone to injury anywhere on their bodies, regardless of protective equipment.
    Tennis a great sport. However, tennis can cause injury to many parts of the body due to the high speed on racquet impact, repetition and use of your spine, legs and especially your dominant arm. This can predispose you to a variety of shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee, ankle, hip and spine injuries.
    Field hockey is played in 132 countries and is the second most played team sport after soccer. It is estimated that 15% of hockey players are injured during a single season, and that injuries cause players to spend 11% of the total hockey season training and playing at less than full capacity.

​Sports Injuries 

  • Upper back & Neck 
  • Lower back 
  • Shoulder Pain 
  • Lower Leg & Ankle 
  • Arm & Elbow
  • Wrist & Hand
  • Thigh Pain
  • Knee Pain 
  • Foot & Heel 
  • Hip & Groin 
  • Hamstring strians 

Sports injuries Treatment 

Chiropratic assessments               
Manipulative therapy                   
Dry needling                                    
Sports massage
Ultrasound ​
Dietary & nutrition advice
Personal training
Physical rehabilitation

Sports Injury & Rehabilitation

At THT Sports Injury clinic we know that the correct intervention is essential in the effective treatment of sports injuries.our chiroprcters and therapists are experienced at dealing with acute and chronic sports related injuries at all levels - from the keep fit enthusiast to the international athlete level.

In the acute stage of a sports injury the treatment focuses on limiting the swelling and tissue damage. But if an injury has become chronic (not healed on its own), the appropriate treatment is essential to encourage the normal healing process to take place. At the end of the initial assessment you will have a history diagnosis and individual treatment plan. A rehabilitation exercise programme can be designed to address the patient's individual needs for sport specific strength training, muscle balance and core stability. Quick access to the correct intervention can shorten the recovery time and allow the athlete to return to sport after complete rehabilitation. We can devise a strengthening programme to minimise the risk of further injury.